The Windstream Retail Pop Up

The Windstream Broadband Retail Pop Up

Big things are happening in Maysville Ky! The Windstream Retail Pop Up team is in the Kroger Parking lot all this week.

Hey, Maysville, the Windstream Kinetic Pop-Up Shop will be in town October 27th through 30th! We’ll be set up at Kroger in the Maysville Market Square (381 Market Square Drive) from 9 AM to 5 PM each day with special pricing and $100 off for new customers. And, we’re giving away a “Smart Home Starter Kit,” including two Google Chromecasts, two Google Nest Audio smart speakers, a Philips Hue wireless starter kit, and a Google Nest Hub smart home display !We are taking social distancing precautions and ask that all attendees wear a face mask during the event. For questions, please give us a call locally at (859) 255-0200.

On Oct 27, Travis J Scaggs and WFTM broadcast live as a remote. Stop out and check your service eligibility. If Windstreams not in your area yet, ask to be placed on their call list to be notified. Come out and help speed their buildout along.

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