Central Location

Maysville-Mason County’s provides access to broad range of markets without need to live in urban traffic

All of these markets can be reached within 6 Hours

DestinationMilesDrive Time
Ashville, NC3425 H 30 Min
Bowling Green, Kentucky2263 H 43 Min
Calhoun GA3705 H 51 Min
Canton, OH2524 H 19 Min
Carbondale, IL3705 H 50 Min
Champaign, IL2984 H 42 Min
Charleston, WV1372 H 17 Min
Charlottesville, VA3866 H 1 Min
Chattanooga, TN3375 Hr 19 Min
Chicago, IL3575 H 44 Min
Cincinnati, OH63I H 12 Min
Clarksville TN3044 H 58 Min
Cleveland, Ohio2664 H 30 Min
Columbus, IN1562 H 47 Min
Columbus, OH1242 H 25 Mijn
Cumberland, MD3635 H 33 Min
Dalton, GA3535 H 37 Min
Dayton, OH1122 H 4 Min
Detroit, MI2205 H 8 Min
Erie, PA3635 Hr 55 Min
Georgetown, KY531 H 18 Min
Huntington, WV881 H 36 Min
Indianapolis, IN1752 H 56 Min
Knoxville, TN2283 Hr 42 Min
Lansing, MI3735 H 51 Min
Lexington, KY661 H 29 Min
Lexington, VA3195 H 4 Min
Louisville, KY1332 H 28 Min
Lynchburg, VA3666 H 3 Min
Memphis, TN2794 H 32 Min
Morgantown, WV2924 H 36 Min
Nashville, TN2794 Hr 32 Min
Parkersburg, WV1572 H 49 Min
Peoria, IL3855 H 52 Min
Pittsburgh, PA3025 H 17 Min
Springfield, IL3845 H 57 Min
St. Louis, MO3976 H 6 Min
Toledo, OH2514 H 13 Min
Wheeling, WV2474 H 1 Mmin
Winston-Salem, NC3545 H 38 Min
Youngstown, OH2964 H 56 Min

CSX Transportation – Mainline Service 

The Ohio River and its seven navigable tributaries comprise over 2,500 miles of waterways and move more than 270 million tons of coal, coke, aggregates, chemicals, agricultural, and petroleum products. This waterway transportation provides a less costly means for companies to transport bulk goods.

Crounse Corporation with a branch office in Maysville is only one of the river transportation companies moving cargo on the Ohio River.

CVG Flight Line

CVG Airport is only 63 miles away

Fleming-Mason Airport  is local with an asphalt paved runway designated 7/25
which measures 5,001 by 100 feet (1,524 x 30.48 m).

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