PatienTech moving forward

Even in the wake of a global pandemic, progress continues establishing the PatienTech plant in Maysville.

Evidence of that progress appeared Thursday as the first of several large industrial and commercial pieces of equipment were delivered to the Maysville facility. The 8,000-pound crate contained a commercial cutting
machine manufactured in Japan and shipped to Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Port earlier this week.

PatienTech LLC, a  manufacturer of tech-enabled healthcare products, announced plans to open a production facility in Mason County in  2019. Its investment of $1.8 million is expected to create up to 100 full- time jobs. PatienTech has leased a 22,000-square-foot facility at 1510 Industrial Park Drive and is relocating production from a Canadian operation to Maysville.

The project comes as  PatienTech seeks to capitalize on the growing demand for medical and residential smart bed products. The Maysville facility will focus on the production of smart bed components, including RF-welded bladders, computerized pumps, and overall smart bed construction, for retail, healthcare, and sports markets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a few wrinkles into the PatienTech plan however it continues to overcome obstacles.

“The global pandemic has only strengthened demand for PatienTech products, however, it has made the logistical problems associated with opening a new factory, more difficult,” said Rob Golden, PatienTech CEO. “Some of this specialized commercial production equipment is being shipped from Japan and site begin to arrive”, said Jim Moore, PatienTech project consultant. “With each  delivery,  gradually  we  are  beginning to assemble the pieces needed to make this plant a reality.”

Founded in 2010 to commercialize its patented smart fabric technology, PatienTech was the first to convert common fabrics into electronic data collection devices. The company got its start with healthcare products to protect patients from pressure ulcers and bed falls. It currently develops and markets advanced medical, sleep, and sports systems using proprietary and patented smart fabric technology. The company operates four divisions, Vista Medical (health- care), ReST (consumer sleep), BodiTrak Sports (sports performance and medicine), and the Head Health Network (concussions and head trauma).

Mason County Judge-Executive Joe Pfeffer and Maysville-Mason County Industrial Development Authority Director Owen McNeill were on-site to witness the facility’s first delivery.

“I know the PatienTech Team has been working hard to get to this point. They have already overcome so many obstacles including Covid19. I think the fact that representatives with PPI and Fast- Track/Bidfta were willing to come and assist in unloading shows the supportive nature Maysville represents. Today’s delivery gets the project one step closer to operational and we will certainly celebrate that day,” Pfeffer said.

“The MMCIDA is elated to see this phase of the PatienTech Project arrive. Even in the face of a global pandemic, the PatienTech Team continues to move forward.  Their investment in just the building is evident with upgrades to the HVAC, electrical and other systems. We could not be more excited for the PatienTech Team as they begin the equip- ment installation phase of this project,” McNeill said.

“While we still have several additional deliveries of these larger commercial  machines, its good to know we’re one step closer to hiring and commencing operations,” McNeill said, adding that once the remaining industrial equipment arrives and is set-up, the company will begin the hiring phase.

Mason County Judge-Executive Joe Pfeffer looks on as workers prepare to move new equipment into its Maysville facility for PatienTech

McNeill said Mason County  Fiscal  Court was the applicant for a CDBG Grant written by BTADD’s Kristie Dodge that has been instrumental in helping PatienTech fund the purchase of this equipment. As those funds are repaid to the Industrial Authority, they will remain local as they will fund an entrepreneurial revolving loan program for additional economic development activities.

Copy from Ledger-Independent of Aug 7 2020

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